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FreeSql is a powerful .NET ORM that supports all .NET Standard runtime platforms like .NET Framework 4.0+, .NET Core 2.1+ and Xamarin, etc.

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  • 🛠 Support CodeFirst data migration.
  • 💻 Support DbFirst import entity class from database, or use Generation Toolopen in new window.
  • ⛳ Support advanced type mapping, such as PostgreSQL array type, etc.
  • 🌲 Support expression functions, and customizable analysis.
  • 🏁 Support one-to-many and many-to-many navigation properties, include and lazy loading.
  • 📃 Support Read/Write separation, Splitting Table/Database, Global filters, Optimistic and pessimistic locker.
  • 🌳 Support MySql/SqlServer/PostgreSQL/Oracle/Sqlite/Firebird/达梦/人大金仓/神舟通用/翰高/ClickHouse, GBase/Access, etc.


FreeSql supports basic CURD. In addition, it also supports creating models based on existing databases (DbFirst), and supports creating databases based on models (CodeFirst).

Getting Started

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分享.NET Core+FreeSql相关技术
分享.NET Core+FreeSql相关技术